Sanibel Monsters

In the last couple of months it seems the Goliath Grouper has been the go to fish in Sanibel, from the causeway to the beach the Goliath has been keeping anglers busy!

Our first story is of Captain Jon Black from Crazy Lure Tackle Shop in Cape Coral. Back in May Jon was on chartered fishing trip with “Chew On This Charters”.  Turns out Jon’s day was about to be one of a life time. Jon battled a giant 552lb slob of a Goliath out of a Kayak. The fish was so big that it actually snapped Jon’s rod in half! It was a test of man vs. beast! This was truly fishing at its finest.

Then there is Lexis Chancey the daughter of Captain Ben Chancey who actually owns “Chew on This Charters”, the same charter that Jon Black was with when he caught his 552lber. Lexis definitely got her fair share of the action by cashing in on another monster Goliath. The actual weight is still in question but Lexis will most likely own the female world record for largest Goliath caught from a kayak. Great job Lexis!

Finally, there is the Florida couple who caught a 300lb Goliath from the beach surf casting in Sanibel. Yes your read that correctly, surf casting. If you have ever been to a Gulf beach you know the typical scene. Calm waves, white sandy beaches and people swimming. Not exactly the place you would expect a Goliath to be hanging around. It was said the fight lasted roughly an hour. It was a long battle which made for another unforgettable fishing experience. This was an extremely rare catch and goes to show you never know what might happen if you get your line wet!

Congratulations to Jon, Lexis and the Florida couple with your successes, you definitely are Complete Florida Fishermen and Fisherwomen! All three videos can be seen below.

So, if you are up for the CFF “Goliath Challenge” Sanibel seems like the perfect place to get started! Perhaps you’re the “do it yourself type” and will conquer the Sanibel legends on your own. If you do not have the all the equipment necessary to handle these massive fish be sure to check out “Chew On This Charters” with Captain Ben Chancey who is also credited with the monster fish above at Either way, get ready for the battle of a life time and maybe you will have your name in the record books too!

Please be sure to send any videos and pictures to Be sure to include your Name (first only is fine), city of catch, length and approximate weight. We will upload photos and videos and may even do a featured article on your experience.