Florida Mini Lobster Season 2015

Florida Lobster RollFlorida Mini Lobster Season is about to start, but…Don’t be fooled by the picture of the lobster roll, it really doesn’t taste that good.  Oh, who am I kidding…that lobster roll looks delicious, but is it worth the hassle of Florida Mini Lobster season!

As I am sure everyone is aware by now, the craziness that is Florida Mini Lobster Season is about to invade the Florida Keys and Southeast Florida on July 29th and 30th.  Before developing a carefully calculated illness to get out of work, thousands of Florida residents and non-residents alike dig their tickle sticks out of the back of the garage and blow the dust off their scratched goggles only to be frustrated on Wednesday morning trying to find a reef to fish on your own.  Just thinking about Florida Mini Lobster Season and you picture 12 monster bugs on ice, but in reality those Bud Lights are the only thing your cooler will be chilling.

Sure Florida Mini Lobster Season is sexy and cool, but it is important to remember that the regular season in 8 months long and runs August 6th – March 31st.  With record numbers expected this year, we suggest waiting a couple weeks for the crowds to settle down.

So before booking that overpriced hotel and trying to explain the terminal burn to your boss on Friday morning, go find a local lobster roll to keep you satisfied and wait another couple weeks for the regular season to begin.  If you do make it out for Florida Mini Lobster Season, be sure to submit your pictures to CompleteFloridaFishing.com.

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