Find Fish in a New Spot

When you spend as much time traveling throughout Florida as we do, it is important to know how to quickly find fish in a new spot.  Whether you travel for business or pleasure, be sure to keep a rod and select tackle in the trunk to get some line wet in the countless roadside spots that Florida has to offer.

If you can see water in Florida, you can be certain that a fishing access point is close by.   In a hit and run and run mission with 30 minutes or less to fish, I limit my offerings to two artificial lures and start with whichever one is already on the line.

  1. The DOA Shrimp (1/4 oz. – Clear/Red Glitter #368). We often refer to it as “Old Trusty” and always keep a couple in the tackle box.  You can pick up a 3 pack for about $6.00 and can be combined with a popping cork.  Unless you cast this thing into the bushes, there is no wrong way to fish this shrimp.
  2. MirrOlure Suspending Jerk Bait (Chartreuse/Pearl/Silver Luminescence (CFPR) or the #18 Greenback). Here is where you can be a little creative with colors and adjust the lure to your conditions.  These colors best mimic the bait likely to be found in the water and give you the best range of potential targets and conditions in a single lure.  It is easy to keep the lure close enough to the surface to target top water strikes and drop down to the weed line for submerged assaults.

With either lure, I use the fan method and start with a long cast close to the shore and alternate casts to the left and right working your way to a final cast straight out.  With about 7 – 9 total casts, you can cover a tremendous amount of water.  Don’t forget that this is a hit and run mission.  Be sure to work the lure quickly, but vary your retrieval.  Simply slide down the shore when time permits and start over.  As always, be sure to pay special attention to visible structure, moving baitfish, and other indications.

With this simple fan method of casting and two artificial lures, you too can quickly find fish in a new spot.