Best Florida Fishing Spots (That You’ve Never Fished!) #5 Clearwater Beach

Clearwater BeachClearwater Beach is No. 5 in our list of the Five Best Florida Fishing Spots.  The same tourist trap known for packed white sand beaches from Spring Break to the Late Fall.  What most people don’t know about are the trophy sized Snook that run up and down the beach looking for bait fish all summer long making Clearwater Beach one of the top fishing spots in Florida.  Since the winter freeze in early 2010, the numbers of Snook and fish sizes in the Clearwater Beach area have steadily improved, but outside of a few locals, a majority of the Florida Fisherman targeting these fish have yet to catch on.

DO NOT GO to Clearwater Beach expecting a prime fishing spot on a Weekend afternoon; however, Clearwater Beach is unexpectedly quiet once the sun goes down until just after the sun rises.  Depending on the tides, these are also the prime times to catch a monster Snook.  In a strong moving tide, cast out and let the bait drift, occasionally walking with the bait parallel to the shore.  While your standard artificial lures and plastics will do the trick, I usually opt for a free lined shrimp or baitfish (i.e. Pinfish, green backs or other white bait) on 15lb braid and a 20lb shock leader.  There is no need to cast out far as these Snook will ambush your bait extremely close to the shore in the trough between the beach and the sandbar.

If you are unable to make it during the prime hours, Honeymoon Island is just about 20 minutes north of Clearwater Beach.  Honeymoon Island offers some refuge from the crowds for those weekend warriors looking to land a fish while the kids play on the beach. Be sure to submit your pictures to

Best Florida Fishing Spots

  1. Dry Tortugas National Park
  2. Upper Florida Keys
  3. Naples Pier
  4. Alligator Alley
  5. Clearwater Beach

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