Beer Helps You Fish!

Beer helps you fish! How many times have you left for a day of fishing with a perfectly stacked cooler and a bird nest of a tackle box? While good equipment is always going to help in your fishing adventure, beer helps you fish as well.

Everyone knows a couple ice cold beers can turn a non-productive day of fishing into a great day on the water. Some of the best days of fishing involve catching nothing more than some good conversation and a class three sunburn, but how exactly does drinking beer help you fish?

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Patience and awareness are among the most important qualities in a good fisherman. Especially after long periods of inactivity, the rush to set the hook after the first nibble on your line can be crippling. And not just the standard hook set. We are talking about the “I’m going to rip this fish straight out of the water” hook set. By immediately yanking on your line, you are not allowing the fish to adequately secure the bait or lure in which it has been presented.

Pay attention because here is where the beers come in to play. Beer slows down your reaction time both mentally and physically. That is science. After a few beers, the mental and physical instinct to immediately set the hook is somewhat relaxed. This in turn allows the fish sufficient time to chomp down on your presentation resulting in a higher probability of hooking the fish. This is the same principle that results in most birdie putts, triple 17’s, and half court shots. It’s called the Budweiser phenomenon and occurs when the brain’s impulses are perfectly handicapped by beer, but also quickly declines once too relaxed (broken clubs, Vegas marriages, and late-night texts).

Stay safe, obey the laws and sportsmanship that make our sport what it is, but most importantly have fun fishing this weekend. With a bit of luck, a cold beer or two may help land a fish.

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