Alligator Alley Fishing

Alligator Alley FishingBack in July, Fishing in Alligator Alley placed No. 4 in the Complete Florida Fishing list of the best fishing spots where you have never fished. This location was bothersome because of the consistently high volume of traffic along I-75. In order to encourage more Florida fishing along Alligator Alley, Complete Florida Fishing has developed the following Alligator Alley Fishing guide.

As set forth in out earlier article, the section of I-75 named Alligator Alley stretches from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale across Southern Florida and is also home to some of the best Bass Fishing Florida has to offer. Entering Alligator Alley from the East or West, the toll booth will hit your SunPass for $3.00 per standard vehicle (more with additional axles).

Whether you are traveling from the East or West, be sure to tune into the Everglades Radio Network. Available on 98.7FM and 107.9FM as you travel through Alligator Alley, the Everglades Radio Network offers a great deal of information about the conservation efforts in the Everglades and different wildlife you can expect to see.

Each of the recreation areas are well identified by large signs starting two miles prior to the exit. Unless otherwise noted, each of these Alligator Alley Fishing areas offer picnic tables, boat access, and a decent amount of fishing access.

Driving East toward Ft. Lauderdale

Mile Marker 64

The first exit along I-75 moving east from Naples, Florida is a standard rest area. Unless you need an emergency pit stop then keep on driving, but the next stop is about 25 miles down the road.  The rest area does not offer any fishing access.

Mile Marker 40.7

Driving along Alligator Alley from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale, the recreation area at Mile Marker 40 is the first fishing area you will encounter.  As seen below, there is a basic boat ramp and a small dock to fish from when there are no boaters using the ramp.  In addition, there is roughly 400 yards of fishing access along the canal to the west of the boat ramp (See 3rd picture below).

Mile Marker 36-34

This is by far the biggest rest area/recreation area along Alligator Alley and offers access on both sides of the road.  Because this is the biggest area, this is also where you may encounter the most fishing distractions.  Depending on the time of the day, it is highly likely you will encounter some northerner who knows more about Florida Fishing or wants to know how many alligators you have seen.

Mile Marker 33

Just about a mile after the larger recreation area above is a much smaller exit.  The recreation area at Mile Marker 33 does not offer nearly the same amount of fishing opportunity (approximately 150 yards), but in days of higher traffic along Alligator Alley, this is a spot you may want to consider.

Driving West toward Naples

Mile Marker 31.5

The first exit along I-75 moving west from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is not much more than a 5-10 minute drive past the toll booth.  You can actually see the canal running along the north side of I-75 before entering the toll road.  This first fishing area is the widest fishing area, but the far bank is still reachable with a decent cast.  The recreation area has a wide boat ramp, picnic tables, and about 200 yards of fishing access along the shore walking west.

Mile Marker 35.2

If you are traveling with others who will not be fishing or are trying to sneak in a couple casts, the recreation area at Mile Marker 35 may be your best option.  As you can see in the pictures below, this recreation area has a large viewing platform to distract your fellow travelers while you reel in a peacock bass.

Mile Marker 38.1

There are better places to fish along Alligator Alley, but the fishing area at Mile Marker 38.1 offered a couple distinctions.  First, this is the most reserved of the fishing locations along Alligator Alley.  Second, the 200 yards of fishing access offered some extra thick vegetation that should hold some of the larger fish.  Just be sure to strengthen your line before fishing this area.

Mile Marker 52

The recreation area at Mile Marker 52 is almost exclusively a boat ramp and offers almost no room for fishing from the shore.   As you can see from the pictures below, there is a good sized dock to fish from where there is no activity on the boat ramp.  As a side note, the recreation area is guarded by a huge electronic swinging gate that pauses several seconds before opening.

Most importantly, be sure to have fun and stay safe while Alligator Alley Fishing. Submit your pictures and fishing tips to to be highlighted on our site.